Sep 6, 2012

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What’s The Difference Between Face Nailing/Screwing and Hidden Deck Fasteners?

What’s The Difference Between Face Nailing/Screwing and Hidden Deck Fasteners?

Are you planning to install deck boards, but can’t decided what way to do it? Well, the traditional way has always been to install boards by face nailing or face screwing. But as innovation occurred, new tools were created to make deck board installation easier and more effective. Though some people still claim that the traditional way is quicker, easier and just all around better, here at DeckWise® we think differently. Yes, face nailing or face screwing may take little effort, but your finished product could be disastrous.

When deck boards are face nailed or face screwed, the wood is prevented from naturally expanding and contracting. Because of this, the nails will loosen over time causing a number of issues with your deck boards. Also, the loosened nails allow for water penetration, which can result in dark deck stains, splitting and even rotting wood. If problems such as those arise, your deck will not be as durable and safe.

We believe the use of hidden deck fasteners is crucial to the overall success of your deck. Though the installation of deck boards when using hidden fasteners can take a little longer, you want your deck to look beautiful and last for years to come. This process can be shortened by using our Drill & Drive, which allows you to properly install the fasteners in a fraction of the time.

NOTE: Hidden deck fasteners cannot be used with softwood, but work well with hardwood, PVC and composite material.

  • Compatible with the type of material you are using
  • Easy to install
  • Allows the material to expand and contract
  • Allows for even gap spacing
  • Has maximum holding power (45 degree screw angle)
  • Attaches to both the board and the joist (if using wood)
  • Is durable
  • Is UV & chemical resistant
  • Has a lifetime warranty

Remember, the above features are not listed in order of importance, as all features are of the same value. You will find that many of the hidden deck fasteners have a few of these features, but very few have them all. If you want all of the features combined, I recommend you take a look at DeckWise® Hidden Deck Fasteners.

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